For centuries, many researchers and scientists have shown the effects of a plant-based lifestyle and diet on the short and long-term state of one’s health. There are a plethora of foods that can be very beneficial in aiding your health and wellness. 

That being said, coming from someone who was always getting sick, I knew that changing my eating habits would change everything for me. I learned the importance of eating for the sole purpose of nutrition, and pleasureful eating for occasional use. This was a true eye-opener for me, as I had always eaten what felt good at the moment and never what I needed. Since venturing into a plant-based lifestyle, not completely vegan, I have learned a lot.

1. Keep the Essentials Handy

One aspect that this journey has taught me is that you must always have the essentials on hand. These can include three fruit of choice, leafy greens, a few other vegetables, herbs, healthy oils, a grain or two of choice, and nuts. You can almost guarantee that you will be able to make a nutritionally dense meal daily. That is the most important part of consuming a well-rounded diet for the purposes of being holistically healthy. 

2. Fasting is a powerful lifestyle

Second, I have learned that fasting is a part of a healthy lifestyle. This may seem like an oxymoron considering that we are discussing the healing properties of food. But seriously, when you make fasting a part of your lifestyle there will only be positive outcomes.

Taking some time to deny food can give you a moment of self-reflection, growth, and discipline. All of which are important in building character and being healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally in the long run. There are many different types of fasting methods, which I will talk more about in the future. Depending on the health results you are looking for, whether that be weight loss, wellness maintenance, or healthy digestion goals, fasting can be very beneficial for you.  

3. Food is medicine

Third, a lesson that I have learned about a plant-based diet and lifestyle is that food truly is a form of medicine. There are innate amazing properties within the foods that grow on earth. These properties can be very beneficial for the health of those who consume them. For example, an onion rubbed on the chest of a congested person can almost instantly relieve some of the congestion. As a result, it will also cause easier breathing as a result of using the onion as a rub. This is just one of the many examples of how a common food can be used to treat ailments that pledge us as humans. 

4. Combat Emotional Eating

Last, going plant-based has shown me what it means to combat emotional eating habits. I was one that would always go eat every time I felt happy, depressed, angry, or even sad. It was my first resort and served as a safety blanket for me in a sense. However, since learning the true meaning of food and nutrition I no longer need to reach for a piece of cake when my day is not going how I planned. I learned healthier ways of coping with those feelings, some of which include time outside, working out, meditating, or journaling to work through the current emotions.

working out on a plant based lifestyle

Withal, food can be your best friend or your worst enemy if you allow it. When you set out to learn healthy ways to eat, plant-based or not, you will reap the benefits. What would you do to experience health in its truest form? Are you willing to learn healthy habits and eating styles?

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