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To share my family's journey through life and health as I discover all that holistic health has to offer. I am here to transform the lives of people who want to regain control of their health, hormones, and daily wellness through nutrition and herbal remedies. 


Let's discover yummy, nutritious foods together that will keep us healthy for the duration of time that we roam this big green earth.

Physical Wellness

Let's find new ways to get moving in a busy schedule and life. Our heart, muscle and bone health will be so glad we did.

Herbal Remedies

Let's discover how to incorporate herbs into our daily wellness routine to help us live a more well-rounded, disease-free life.

Be bold. be healthy.

Take the state of your health back into your own hands! No more hoping and wishing to be healthier, now is your time to do it. That’s what I am here to do! The Nurturely Grown blog empowers, educates and equips you to be the healthiest you’ve felt in years.

"Being healthy does not have to be complicated, it just takes consistency."

Alexis Holt
Co-Founder, Nurturely Grown
For today, and a better tomorrow

reclaim your health

I remember sitting on my couch looking out over my backyard hoping and praying for better health. I was constantly getting sick, suffered terrible menstrual cycles, hormonal imbalance, depression, consistently lacking energy and no matter what I did I was bloated day in and day out. No medications worked, they only put a bandaid on my health problems.

One day I decided that enough was enough! I made the conscious choice to take back my health into my own hands. I vowed to do the work and research to become the healthy person I desperately wanted to be, and have been on a holistic health journey to achieve this goal ever since!

Healthy Home
Herbal Remedies

Seek medical professionals.

This website is for the sole purpose of sharing what I have learned along mine and my family’s health journey through holistic wellness. All information shared on the site will be suggestions, and not finite medical advice. 

I have been able to balance my hormones, get move active, live a virtually disease-free lifestyle and increase energy by living a holistically healthy lifestyle. This includes eating a whole-foods diet, exercising weekly, getting outdoors and encouraging my family and friends to do the same. All information will reflect this perspective.

If you have any medical conditions, please seek out your licensed healthcare practitioner for treatment and guidance on following any advice given on the site. Thank you.

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