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Hello friends, welcome to the Nurturely Grown family! My name is Alexis Lauren, and I am the founder of Nurturely Grown, along side my amazing husband. This is a holistic health lifestyle brand that we formed as a way to educate, encourage and give you the resources you need to live a healthy lifestyle!

That includes your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, as these all contribute to you being a holistically healthier being. Here you will find resources and recipes on plant-based nutrition, herbal remedies, holistic alternatives for a healthier home, and our natural living blog.

I am a follower of Christ, wife, and holistic health advocate currently residing in southern New Jersey. I attended the University of Central Florida for my undergraduate education, and received my Bachelor's of Health Science with a focus in Anatomical Nutrition.

I have worked in many different areas of the healthcare field, in and out of the hospital setting since graduating and have grown more in love with alternative medicine and holistic health practices.

Being surrounded by Modern Western Medicine practices, and having been a patient of this system myself, I have really been able to see the need for a more well-rounded healthcare approach, and thus Nurturely Grown was born. I had been (vaguely) introduced to holistic medical practices in college when taking a reproductive health course and learning about midwifery, and natural home births.

This was only the beginning, however, to my curiosity and intrigue with more natural ways of healing. It wasn’t until many years later, after having grown tired of suffering with recurring anxiety, depression and painful heavy menstrual periods that I did a great deal of research and completely understood the holistic healthcare field. For years on end my doctors were unable to cure my symptoms, only medicate them temporarily and I knew there had to be another way.

When looking for different ways to treat my symptoms at home, I ran across an article on herbal medicine and thus my journey into learning the healing properties of herbs began and has only grown since. I now aim to use this platform to enlighten, educate and supply you with the tools you need to be healthy from the inside on out. The relief that I have experienced has only made my journey with holistic health and herbal medicine more fulfilling overall.

Hopefully you will leave here feeling informed and empowered to take control of the state of your health by eating for a better nutritional status, healing through holistic medicine, and eliminating the things that were never beneficial to you nor your family’s health. This is just the beginning!

Why Nurturely Grown?

We care about your holistic health goals, and helping you actually achieve them!

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