Weekly Meal/Workout Planner


This is a virtual download of a weekly food and movement planner. Get organized and succeed in your wellness journey today!



Here is a downloadable template for our Weekly Planner to help you get started on planning your meals and workouts! Get started on your healthy living journey today. Our planners are the best tool to help you get organized during the healthy living discovery period. They contain the days of the week including Sunday through Saturday. This allows you to fill in what you may need to in order to be successful.

When I started my holistic wellness journey, a planner was my best friend. Thus I created the Nurturely Grown weekly planner as a way to help others. I figured that it worked so well for me that someone else could potentially benefit from it! This is the planner that you have been looking for, and I am here to tell you that IT IS HERE.

Download our planner today to reap the best results that you will ever see. When you begin to write down your meals and workouts ahead of time, you will realize a drastic difference. For example, on the Saturday before your week starts you can take the time to plan. It may take time out of your day but it is worth it.

I have also included a weekly shopping list section as well. Often times we decide what we want to eat for the week, and get so excited. Then we realize that we forgot to pick up something at the store. It has happened to me a hand full of times, and I know that many of you know what that is like. So, to solve this problem I have included a shopping list. This will be helpful so that you can write out recipes and items to pick up. Try out the digital download, I promise you will not regret it.


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